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Devoted to helping professionals in the marketing, advertising and communications industries monetize and protect their creative assets.

We counsel our clients on legal issues marketers face every day, like intellectual property rights, social media and content marketing compliance, and agency-client and agency-freelance relationships. We focus on the following areas:

  • Trademark Law

The creative process of branding a product or business raises questions about trademark clearance, use, and protection. We counsel clients on all legal aspects of the branding process, from ideation to adoption and enforcement of valuable trademarks.

  • Copyright Law

Marketing professionals are in the business of developing and monetizing creative assets. This requires careful attention to copyright registration, license, and transfers, and sometimes rights acquisitions or permissions from other parties. We help clients manage the copyright implications of creative asset development at every stage of the creative process through implementation.

  • Agency-Client Relationships

We assist marketers in creating a strong and understandable legal structure for agency-client relationships, so that issues like rights ownership and transfer, client confidentiality, competitive restrictions and liability are clear to everyone.

  • Agency-Freelance Relationships

The freelance workforce is a modern fact of life in the marketing industry. These independent contract relationships create interesting questions about rights ownership and transfer and fair competition. We advise clients on fair, clear, freelance work contracts that protect freelancers, as well as agencies and their clients.

  • Social Media Law and Content Marketing Law

The rising use of social media and content marketing in integrated campaigns creates legal issues in the areas of intellectual property rights, testimonials and FTC compliance rules, and privacy law. We help by drafting solid and straightforward policies, and guiding clients on best practices to remain legally compliant when using these techniques.

  • Advertising and Marketing Regulations

Advertisers face compliance issues every day in areas including ad copy, contests and sweepstake promotions, direct marketing or data privacy. We keep marketers up to date on the laws, regulations and policies that impact their work.


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